Self-concept by Washington DC Psychologist, Dr. Lynn Friedman

Self-concept refers to the way in which we see ourselves: emotionally, intellectually and physically. Much of our self-concept is established early in our lives (ages 0-6).
  • How self-esteem develops
  • No twinkle in the mother's eye
  • Mothers are not the only primary caretakers
  • Self-esteem may still be intact with an attentive caretaker
  • The development of narcissistic difficulties

    Earlier it was noted that, ideally, the primary caretakers are tuned into a child's needs. This does not mean that they admire his every move. Rather, it means that they set age appropriate expectations. For example, a baby is applauded when he takes his first step. A three year old is cheered on when he draws his first scribble. However, under usual circumstances, no one would celebrate these same behaviors when they appear in a five year old. Instead, a parent might say, "you can do better than that". Or, "come on honey, that's baby stuff".

  • Low self-esteem and difficulties with self-assertion
  • Self-esteem and narcissistic difficulties are treatable
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