Psychological Assessment and Referral

Psychological assessment can be helpful inasmuch as it can be difficult to know whether you need help, and, if so, what sort of help, with whom. A careful, comprehensive, wholistic, psychological assessment can provide some clarity as to whether help is warranted. And, it can provide guidance as to what kind of help might prove useful.

Career concerns: Psychotherapy vs Work-life consultation (or career coaching)

For example, people with career concerns are often uncertain as to whether to seek psychotherapy or career coaching. A psychological assessment can be quite revelatory in this regard.

Relationship difficulties: Individual psychotherapy vs Marriage Counseling (or Couple's therapy)

Similarly, individuals with relationship difficulties can be unsure as to whether to pursue individual psychotherapy or marriage counseling. A thorough psychological assessment can lead to perspective-taking and treatment recommendations.

Anxiety or depression

Also, those suffering from anxiety or depression may not know what sort of treatment to seek. Here, too, a psychological evaluation can be helpful.

Consultation with a skilled and experienced psychologist or clinician can lead to helpful treatment recommendations

Finally, anyone seeking treatment will want to have a good, "match", between psychologist and patient (or client). One way to increase the likelihood of a good fit is to have a consultation with an experienced and skilled psychologist-psychoanalyst. In this way, recommendations as to what sort of help might be useful can be articulated.

A good fit between psychologist-psychoanalyst and patient (or client)

If the psychologist's skills, style, location and expertise are a, "good fit", you might decide to work together. Alternatively, the psychologist can help you find a match with a psychologist (or other mental health professional) in your locale who may be a better fit.

Local referrals: Washington, DC and Maryland

I have been in full-time, private practice for many years. And, I am involved with the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute and the Baltimore Washington Institute. And, I teach at at Johns Hopkins. Thus, I know many, Washington-based, skilled and talented psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, counselors and social workers. Consultation is an important adjuvant to my psychotherapy, psychoanalytic and work-life consultation practice. I am happy provide a consultation and to refer you to someone who I feel would be a good fit for you.

National referrals

For those who, for reasons of privacy or "small world hazards", prefer to be evaluated out-of-town, I provide consultation. Similarly, for those who are unable to find psychological expertise regarding career conflicts in their locale, I provide consultation aimed at clarifying what sort of intervention (psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, work-life consultation) would be most helpful.

Seeking a consultation with Washington DC psychologist Dr. Friedman? Feel free to give her a call at: 301.656.9650

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